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Grow your Amazon Company with Us!

No Hidden Fees

Close Proximity to FTW1 & IAH3

Competitive Pricing

6 Years of Amazon Experience

What We Do

  • Receiving & Inspection of Inventory

  • Printing FNSKU labels

  • Label, Polybag, Bundle Products according to Amazon's Requirements

  • Complete Shipments in 2D Workflow

  • Ship Products to Amazon Fulfillment Centers

  • Sticker Removal

What We Don't Do

  • FBA Product Removals

  • Long Term Storage

  • Customer Returns

  • Package Forwarding

  • FBM Products

Products We Accept

  • New condition

  • Shorter than 24 inches on longest side

  • Sourced from retail, online, and Wholesale

  • Private label

  • Supplements or medications

  • Grocery products from Approved suppliers (please inquire for supplier approval prior to ordering)

  • Approved Hazmat (consumer goods)

Products We Do Not Accept

  • Grocery items from non-approved suppliers 

  • Meltable or Temperature-sensitive products during off season

  • Used Products

  • Corrosives, Solvents, Fuel, or Fertilizer

  • Pepper Spray, Bear Repellent, Weapons, or Firearms

  • Oversized products (longer than 24 in. on longest side)

Why Choose Chronos
Prep Center

  • Labeling Services: Chronos Prep Center handles the crucial and labor intensive task of labeling products according to Amazon's specifications, ensuring compliance with the platform's requirements and guidelines.

  • Open Communication: We pride ourselves on open communication. Our in house warehouse manager has been with the company for over 2 years. Any issues with receiving orders, products or shipment updates  will be communicated promptly via phone or email.

  • Product Inspection and Quality Control: At Chronos Prep Center, we conduct thorough inspections to guarantee that products meet quality standards, reducing the likelihood of customer complaints and returns.​

  • Inventory Receiving and Management: Efficient receiving processes are implemented to accurately log and manage incoming inventory by using 2D Workflow. This helps sellers maintain accurate stock levels and minimize discrepancies.​

  • Customized Kitting and Bundling: For sellers offering bundled products or kits, Chronos prep center can assemble and package these items, saving sellers time and effort.

  • Compliance and Regulation Adherence: We stay on top of Amazon's ever-changing policies and regulations, ensuring that products are prepared and labeled in compliance with the latest requirements.

  • Shipping Optimization: We leverage our expertise and relationship with Amazon Freight to optimize shipping strategies, choosing the most cost-effective and timely methods to help sellers reduce shipping costs, transit times, and check in times.

  • 2D Workflow Integration: Utilizing advanced technologies, provides sellers with real-time visibility into their inventory, receiving status, and other essential metrics through integrated systems, enhancing overall operational transparency.

  • Scalability Support: As sellers experience growth, Chronos Prep Center offers scalable solutions, adapting to increased order volumes and evolving business needs.

  • Cost Savings: Outsourcing prep and logistics functions to a Amazon Prep Center can result in cost savings for Amazon sellers, eliminating the need for them to invest in warehouse space, personnel, and equipment.

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