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Boxes on Conveyor Roller

How It Works!

Understand your products journey on getting prepped and up to Amazon's standards with our Simple 5 Step Process!

Step 1- Order Products

Ship your products directly to our prep center from your supplier

  • We have a 300 unit monthly minimum

  • You do not have to touch your products because we receive products directly from your supplier

Step 2 - Receive Inventory

Hands on Inventory Receiving and Inventory Checks

  • Once your products are delivered, our well trained team will sort your products according to your Shipment Receiving Report

  • If there are any missing or damaged products they are documented and communicated to you for further instruction

Stay in the know on the progress of your shipment with 2D Workflow

  • 2D Workflow shipment plans are created by you so we can begin prepping your shipment according to your specifications

  • 2D Workflow is a great platform made to easily organize shipments and relay information from buyer to prep center

Step 3 - Create 2D Workflow Shipment

Step 4 - Prep & Label

We stay on top of Amazon's ever-changing policies and regulations, so you don't have to!

  • Using the created 2D Workflow Shipment plan, our team will label, poly bag, or bundle your units according to your specifications. 

  • We stay up to date with Amazon's consistently changing requirements.

Step 5 - Pallet or Small Parcel

We offer three different shipment options that best fit your budget, timeline, and quantity of units.

  • We offer small parcel, LTL, and FTL shipment options to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. 

  • You pay for the exact shipment amount within the 2D Workflow platform. Extra fees are associated with palletizing your products.

View our Prep Charges Here

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