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Packaging Factory


We offer a variety of shipping options depending on your business needs. Chronos Prep Center cuts out all the added fees and focuses on clear and straight forward pricing. We pride ourselves on a quick and effective prep for our clients.

FNSKU Label Only

$0.85 :  300-1000 Units X Month

$0.75 :  >1001 Units X Month

Bundling & Multipacks

Labeling + Polybags up to 1 unit

Labeling + Polybags up to 3 units

Labeling + Polybags up to 6 units

Labeling + Polybags up to 12 units

Consult Prices Labeling + Polybags greater than 12 units

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap up to

1 unit

Bundles Bubble wrap up to 3 units

Bundles Bubble wrap up to 6 units

Bundles Bubble wrap up to 12 units

Consult Prices for Bundles Bubble Wrap greater than 12 units

FBA Shipping

Delivery Service

Small Parcel

Small Parcel shipments through Amazon preferred partners to FTW1 can be as quick as just one transit day. Shipping to IAH3, we are looking at just two to three day transit times.

Overhead View of Warehouse

LTL Shipments

Palletizing your products is advantageous as it reduces the risk of damage, reduces shipping costs, and provides protection against dirt and debris.

Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves

FTL Shipments

In a case by case scenario, we may be able to combine LTL shipments from multiple clients to a FTL shipment thus reducing shipping fees and expediting the transit time to same day delivery and the standard 1-3 day check-in.

Palletization Fee

$50.00 Per Pallet - Includes Amazon grade pallet, Pallet Wrap, and Required FBA Shipment Labels

$3.00/Small Box                     $4.00/Medium Box                          $5.00/Large Box 

New Box Prices

*We reuse boxes as they come in but if the box integrity is damaged we will need to purchase a new box to ensure a smooth shipment.

Storage Fees

We are not a storage solution. We pride ourselves on quick turnovers with well prepped products leaving our prep center in less than a week.

      Free 7 Day Storage included in price/unit 

 $50.00 For every Additional Week 

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