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Free Inbound
Freight Program

As a valued Amazon seller, you understand the importance of efficient and reliable prep services to ensure your products reach Amazon warehouses swiftly and in perfect condition. We are excited to offer you a promotion that can significantly reduce your costs and enhance your business.

The Details

  1. Shipments must be sent to one of the following partnered amazon warehouses using minimal shipment splits:

    • AVP1​

    • FTW1

    • CLT2

    • RMN3

  2. Shipment plans are required to be palletized.

  3. Shipment plans must include a minimum of 500 units.

  4. Program is only eligible for Small and Large Standard Items, NO BULK items are included in the Free Inbound shipping program.

  5. The program currently sends out shipments once a week.

Program Benefits

  • Weekly shipments are Live Load and Live Unload. This means shipments are usually checked in within 72 hours after departure. If a shipment is not checked in within 72 hours, we open a case with our freight partner representative to have the truck pulled in for immediate unloading. It is not uncommon for shipment plans to be checked in and receiving within 24 hours.

  • Quick check-in times help clients with cash flow and reduce risk of low inventory level fees.

  • Live unload gives clients peace of mind that shipments will not be delayed for weeks at a

    time without any visibility into when their inventory will be checked in.

  • Free inbound freight helps reduce costs increasing overall profitability for your company.

To Get Started

Please contact us via email for more information and to get started growing your Amazon FBA Business!

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